What’s Your Role?

What is your role? If you are in a public place and suddenly find yourself in an active shooter or terrorist attack situation (think recent attacks in San Bernardino and Colorado Springs) what is your role? If escape is impossible, do you go after the threat(s)? Do you shelter in place? Do you provide life-saving first aid to the injured while law enforcement deals with the threat? What is your role?

Even though much of our training is firearms oriented, you may not be in a position to use your firearm (or for some reason you may not even have it with you). The threat may be in another room or on the other side of the building. Others may be dealing with the threat. What is your role?

Every situation will be different and circumstances will likely dictate to a large extent what your role will be. So…some things to think about…What other training have you had besides your basic concealed carry class? Are you trained to provide emergency first aid to severely bleeding people? How good a physical condition are you in? Are you physically able to help others escape or transport a wounded individual to a safer location?

What is your role? Something to think about…

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