Watch your 6 (Watch Your Back)

Interesting Thought… From a gentleman named ‘Turbo’ with knowledge of these things. An important lesson learned from the recent shooting in Las Vegas, NV. It is a little long but worth reading and giving some serious thought to…

Watch your 6 (watch your back)

In safety lectures given to sailors prior to any liberty port, we’re always told to go ashore in groups.  There’s safety in numbers.

Here’s some simple street arithmetic:  In street safety, 1+1 = safety

The same is true for police on street patrol.  The same is true for “Joe Citizen.”  Having someone to “cover your 6” is mighty important.

Sadly, Joe Wilcox was a victim of not having someone to cover his 6.

“He was carrying a concealed weapon and he immediately and heroically moved toward the position of Jerad Miller,” [Assistant Sheriff Kevin] McMahill said.

But Wilcox didn’t notice Amanda Miller pushing a shopping cart nearby. She pulled out her own handgun and shot Wilcox once in the ribs, killing him, he said. “He immediately collapsed,” McMahill said. *

Of course, Wilcox wasn’t wearing body armor.  (I don’t know of any concealed carry civilians who do.)  So he wasn’t equipped for a fight.  (I don’t know many concealed carry civilians who are.)  But what really did him in was no one to watch his back.  To intercede for him, or at least to warn him.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)

Joe Wilcox laid down his life for Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo.  Learn from his loss.

Bad guys also know to “go ashore in groups.”

Watch your 6.

Better yet, have a partner to watch your 6.


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