Trying to Do the Right Thing Not Always Enough

One of my students was recently called for jury duty. Knowing she couldn’t carry her handgun into the courthouse she dutifully took it out of her purse and left it in her vehicle.

When she went through the courthouse security, they discovered she had neglected to remove her extra magazine. They were reasonable about it, holding the magazine for her and returning it when she left the courthouse for the day.

When addressing prospective jurors, the judge commented that it would be a good idea to make sure that you don’t try to bring any weapons, knives or magazines like they found on one of their prospective jurors that morning.

The moral of the story is when you must go into an area or a building where you can not carry your handgun, check very carefully and make sure that you have removed anything (handgun, extra magazines, knives, etc.) that is prohibited prior to entering.

In this story courthouse security was reasonable about what happened, realizing that there was no intent to violate courthouse security. In other times or places you might not be so lucky and may face some serious consequences. My student was a bit embarrassed in this situation, but the repercussions could have been far worse. Check and make sure that you are ‘clean’ before entering.

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