Thoughts About the Recent London Terror Attack

From friend, John Tate, on the recent London terror attack…

“He threw chairs, glasses, and bottles at the attackers in a bid to stop them.”* Such was the reaction of a man attacked by London terrorists armed with ” large knives.”

Did you know that not only guns but also knives are essentially illegal in England? †

Surprise, surprise – someone forgot to tell the terrorists.

According to news reports, It took the police 8 minutes to respond and terminate to the attack.* How many lives could have been saved had been citizens present armed with concealed weapons who could have responded immediately?

LESSON: If you have a gun, know how to use it and can legally carry it – CARRY IT! That small amount of extra weight won’t be a burden, and it does no good in storage at home (or in your vehicle).

* From May Condemns London Attacks That Killed 7 Police Arrest 12 in Raids

† It is illegal to carry a knife in public in England without good reason – unless it’s a knife with a folding blade 3 inches long (7.62cm) or less.

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