Thought Provoking Tragedy

I’m sure we are all tired of hearing about the Zimmerman – Martin case in Florida, but now that the trial is over I’d like to offer a couple of thoughts about things we can learn from what was reported to have happened. First, since none of use was there, our knowledge of what actually happened is incomplete. However, based on what was reported, I think this confrontation could have been avoided… by both parties. They each had the opportunity to walk away at some point during the confrontation. Instead, the decisions that each made culminated in this tragedy. Granted, I wasn’t there, but anytime you can safely walk away from a confrontation, you should.

And second, anytime you use a firearm in self defense, there may be unexpected and unintended consequences.

As I mentioned last month, carrying that firearm is a huge responsibility. And the decisions you make while carrying it can have results that no one could foresee.

Think about it…

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