The Perfect Plan for Flying With a Firearm

If you are planning on flying with your handgun, check out this web site Glock Talk and in particular the forum thread that link takes you to. Mac’s Guide to Flying with a Firearm is a very good article on flying with your firearm and well worth reading if you will be flying with your handgun.

Mac says…

My Colorado CWP gives me a lot of places I can carry. And seeing as I travel a lot, I’ve started flying with my CCW quite a bit too. At first it can be a little confusing, nervous, etc. But after doing this for a few years, and a lot of trips, I’ve been able to boil my system down to something that I believe is secure and works for me.

A. Packing and security
B. Checking your bag at the airline
C. Things I’ve had go wrong (there are very few, and none were major issues).

You can get even more information reading through a number of additional and informative posts in his thread.

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