The Gift of Preparedness This Christmas…

This Interesting Thought is taken from an editorial recently published by Tim Schmidt, founder of the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) and is used by permission. It is very appropriate for this time of year. Give it some serious thought…

USCCAThe Gift of Preparedness This Christmas…

As the official countdown to Dec. 25 begins, it’s easy to get caught up in the magic of the season. There’s just something about the spirit of Christmas — the love, the kindness, the joy — that makes everything seem a little bit brighter and even a little bit safer.

But good, law-abiding people like you and me understand that evil never sleeps — not even on days leading up to the most wonderful time of year. And so, as much as many of us openly embrace and celebrate all the goodness that surrounds us at Christmastime, we must also acknowledge that the hustle and bustle of the season — when criminals are quite literally out in full force — requires us to be more vigilant than ever.

Indeed, even though it would be easy to become complacent over the holidays, that’s exactly why we mustn’t … because bad guys are actively looking for us to let down our guards.

With all the shopping, traveling and celebrating ahead, we simply cannot forget to pause and look at the world around us:

That means paying a little extra attention when we’re loading all those gifts into our trunks.

It means planning a little farther ahead when we leave our houses empty to go visit family for a few days.

And, most certainly, it means carrying our firearms to protect ourselves and our loved ones no matter where we are.

The bottom line is that criminals don’t take “holidays” off — and, as responsibly armed Americans, neither can we.

Thanks, Tim, for your timely words of wisdom.

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