The Fourth Basic Firearm Safety Rule

Riclin firearm training gun safetyThe fourth basic firearms safety rule, as taught by Gunsite, is to Be Sure of Your Target and What Is Beyond It. The importance of this was graphically demonstrated in the New York City incident this week during which the nine innocent bystanders who were shot were apparently injured by rounds fired by the responding officers. The lesson to be learned here is that in a deadly force confrontation, you are going to be focused on the threat and may not be aware of anyone or anything else around you. You must be able to hit your target, especially under stress, in order to minimize the risk to innocent bystanders in the event that you are faced with a deadly force incident in a public place. This takes lots of practice under stress. Simply shooting paper targets occasionally is not adequate. Good defensive training under stress (and continual practice) is essential if you are going to carry a gun for self defense.

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