The Danger Zones

There have been a number of active shooter incidents lately. Have you noticed that they all seem to occur is places where guns are not allowed… so called ‘gun free zones?’

So, here is your interesting thought for the month (from Jon Payne on the Warrior Talk forum)…

The two most dangerous places in today’s world:

  1. a gun free zone
  2. your comfort zone.

The gun free zone is obvious, but think about your comfort zone.

For example, it is easy to be comfortable with your daily routine so you tend to get lax about your awareness because nothing ever happens (or hasn’t happened yet…), increasing the possibility of something bad happening because you weren’t as aware of your environment as you should have been. Or you are comfortable with your training level so you slack off a bit, and then you get lazy, and then if you ever need to use your training you find it is rusty because you got comfortable and didn’t continue to maintain level of training you once had.

Something to think about… and now is the time to get out of your comfort zone and do something!


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