The Aftermath of a Self Defence Shooting

The situation and circumstances in Ferguson Missouri have a valuable lesson for those who carry a handgun for personal protection. Whether you agree with the Grand Jury’s findings or not, there is no doubt that the lives of those involved have been changed forever.

One family lost a son, a difficult thing regardless of the circumstances.

The police officer involved has had his life changed forever as well.

While you may never go through the national scrutiny that he has in the event that you are involved in a self defense shooting, the fact remains that when you pull the trigger things will never be the same. People will look at you and treat you differently. There will be those who were not there who will be looking to prove you at fault.

Think about the emotional and financial cost of dealing with the aftermath of a self defense shooting, including the legal and civil issues. All this is no reason not to carry a handgun for your personal protection, but is definitely something you should think about and be aware of. And be sure that pulling that trigger is the right thing to do and is the absolute last resort to staying safe. Because your life will change, forever…

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