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Night Shooting Class

Approximately 70% of self defense encounters occur in low light or night time situations. You need to be able to shoot effectively in these low light situations. And since most self defense situations happen unexpectedly, you may or may not have your flashlight with you when the time comes. This class will introduce you to techniques to help you prevail.

We begin in the late afternoon, taking advantage of the daylight to teach the basic techniques. We shoot in the waning light as it gets dark to give you experience shooting in a variety of light conditions. Then you will have the opportunity to shoot at night both with and without a flashlight. We will finish by shooting the New Mexico concealed carry qualification course. This is an interesting and challenging class.

You will need a center fire handgun, holster, extra magazines or speed loaders, a flashlight that you can operate one handed, and approximately 200 rounds of ammunition (bring more just in case).