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Dry Firing – Part 2

…continued from January
Note: a reader wrote that not all handguns can be dry fired without damaging the handgun. This is true. However, in general, if the handgun is center fire, and the firing pin is protected by a firing pin spring, the handgun can be safely dry fired. Check your owner’s manual before you do any dry firing just to be sure.

First of all, make sure your handgun is empty.

Once you can aim and pull or squeeze the trigger and have the sights remain steady and not move (see January newsletter) then you can add some variety.

Start from low ready and bring the handgun up so you can use the sights and then squeeze the trigger slowly enough that the sights don’t move. Remember to focus on the front sight. Keep doing this and you will find that you will get faster.

You can also do this from your holster, practicing your draw as well as sight alignment and trigger control. And then you can do it with your strong hand only and then weak hand only. Remember to start slowly and squeeze the trigger only as fast as you can and still have the sights not move off the point you are aiming at.

Start slow and strive for smoothness. As someone once said ‘Slow is smooth and smooth is fast…’