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Top 12 ALCCWG Agenda Items for 2012

The Year in Review

Each month for the past year the Alamogordo Ladies CCW Group has gotten together to continue our quest for knowledge, practice tips and support. This month’s meeting was an overview of what went well during the past year and the planning and brainstorming process of what will come.

Concealed Carry Style ShowFar and away the most popular meeting event that was enjoyed and appreciated by the group during 2011 was the CCW fashion show. We watched and/or participated in a fashion style show featuring some the styles of clothing that can been worn while still carrying your weapon. Models demonstrated concealed carry techniques with clothing worn during events such as “out for a jog”, “business meeting attire” and “Sunday best”. The ladies from the Las Cruces Ladies CCW Group members enjoyed the show so much that they have scheduled their own CCW Fashion show in March 2012. Other meeting activity highlights from 2011 were the shooting clinics and guest speakers.

Upcoming Agenda Items

The events scheduling for 2012 has also begun to take shape. Although a few months have been left open to accommodate schedules of a few (2-3) key guest speakers that will be invited, it was not difficult to completely fill the calendar. A dry fire practice event will be added to the schedule once the guest speakers confirm their speaking engagements. The group also expressed a desire for some sort of practical experience to be added to each meeting’s agenda in addition to the safety briefing that occurs.

Here is the tentative and preliminary schedule for the Alamogordo Ladies CCW Group for 2012. Be sure to watch the site’s sidebar calendar of events for actual dates, times and places.

  • February 16th – Couples Night for Dinner Out

The group will meet at a CCW friendly local restaurant (location to be announced). Members are encouraged to invite their spouses and enjoy a night out on the town… OK, maybe not out on the town but at least a night out for dinner.

  • March 13th celebrates the Thank You and Pot Luck for OPSA

The Otero Practical Shooting Association is responsible for assisting and sponsoring our shooting competition last year. 

  • April – Open for Guest Speaker
  • May – Shooting Clinic
  • June – Fashion StyleShow
  • July – Open for Guest Speaker
  • August – Open for Guest Speaker
  • September – Shooting Clinic
  • October – Fashion Style Show
  • November – Open for Guest Speaker
  • December – Open for Guest Speaker (highly probable that we do not meet in Dec. due to the holidays)

As always, feel free to continue to invite your lady friends to join you at any of our meetings and encourage them to contact Richard for training. Be safe and remember that concealed means concealed.

Alamogordo Ladies CCW Group Jan 2012 Meeting Details

The next meeting of the Alamogordo Ladies Concealed Carry Group will be held Thursday January 12 from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm at the Cuba Ave Church of Christ.I realize that we had previously discussed moving our meeting to Tuesdays and we still anticipate doing that, however for the January meeting we will be meeting on Thursday.

After a brief program we will have a planning session to see what activities and programs you all are interested in for 2012. This will be an important meeting, so I encourage you all to come. One of the things we will also be discussing are ways to increase the participation in the group, so come with your ideas.

I have attached a flyer for the meeting. I encourage you to post this wherever you can and give copies to your friends that might be interested.

I’ll see you all next Thursday!