Summer Awareness

Summer weather in New Mexico means you will probably be spending more time outdoors doing a variety of activities with your family and your friends. A lot of other people will be doing the same thing. It is a time when you need to increase your awareness of what is in your environment.

It is so easy to become distracted by our activities that we can forget about being aware of the people around us. You should always know who is close to you and what they are doing. How close is close? Think about how long it would take you to respond to a threat and then figure out how far someone can move during that time. You will be surprised how far a person can move in just the second or two it would take you to be able to react to a threat. If you only become aware of them when they begin their attack you may have trouble responding in time. If they start first, they can be on you before you can react if you are not aware of their presence.

Always know who is in your environment and have a plan to respond if necessary.