Suggestions From What Tom Givens Learned From His Students

Suggestions for the Tip of the Month are from the Tom Givens article mentioned in the Interesting Thoughts article this month.

  • Have the gun on your person, it won’t do you any good otherwise.
  • Solid initial training, followed up with periodic sustainment training with your carry gear leads to a comfort level with the equipment fostering the willingness to actually wear it daily.

What to Learn

  • Learn to access the handgun from concealment, safely, reliably and quickly.
  • Learn to get good, solid hits with the first rounds out of the gun.
  • It would be good to know how to reload your firearm and to fix malfunctions if they occur.
  • Take a good course on legal issues, like one from Massad Ayoob or Andrew Branca,

and then carry on.

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