September 2011

An Interesting Thought‘Use common sense. Be alert to your surroundings. And, hopefully, the weapon which you don’t conceal – your mind – will obviate the necessity to use the weapons you do conceal.’ Stated by Jerry Ahern in his book CCW: Carrying Concealed Weapons. There is a lot of truth to this simple statement. Think about it.

Arkansas Now Accepts the NM Concealed Carry License… Beginning last June, Arkansas began accepting the NM concealed handgun license. However, remember that while you are in Arkansas you must obey the Arkansas laws. For more information on the laws in Arkansas (as well as all the other states), go to

Tip of the Month… Practice your reloads…both the ‘speed’ reload (when the magazine is empty and the slide locks back) and the ‘tactical’ reload (where the magazine is partly empty and you simply replace the magazine). Practice both types until you can do them smoothly. Then close your eyes and practice…you need to be able to do them in the dark as well.

September Concealed Carry Class… September 10 & 11…this is our regular monthly concealed carry class. Completion of this class meets the training requirement for a New Mexico Concealed Handgun License and enables you to apply for that license. If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for the class, contact me at or by phone at 575.430.3040.

Refresher and Renewal Classes… Don’t forget to check the expiration date on your license to see if you need to take a Refresher (2 years after the issue date of your license) or a Renewal (2 months prior to the expiration date on your license). Let me know if you need to take either of these classes and we’ll arrange a time to do them.

There will be a Renewal Class on Monday September 19 at 8:00 am. If you are interested in taking this class please contact me at or by phone at 575.430.3040.

Advanced Handgun Class After Action Report… The Advanced/Night class on August 12 went very well. We did a lot of shooting from the ground, introduced a very interesting (exciting!?!?) wagon drill and did quite a bit of shooting after dark. All the participants fired the NM concealed carry qualification course at night (shooting at 3 yards with no light, 7 yards with lights optional) and passed.

A New Class… We are considering offering a concealed carry drills class (including a review of many of the drills we do in our basic concealed carry class) and adding a night portion as well. We have found that it never hurts to review the basic defensive shooting techniques. And this class would include an introduction to night shooting which is a very valuable skill to have considering that approximately 70% of violent confrontations occur at night or in low light conditions. The class would last approximately 4 hours and would require 200 rounds of ammunition. If you are interested in us offering this class please contact me at or by phone at 575.430.3040.

Ladies Concealed Carry Group… The next meeting of the Alamogordo Ladies Concealed Carry Group will be on September 8 at the Sidney Paul Gordon Shooting Range in La Luz to do some shooting. We will begin setting up at 6:00 pm and start shooting around 6:30 pm…bring at least 100 rounds of ammunition…more if you want to stay a little later and shoot after dark. Ladies, come join us and bring a friend. If you are planning on attending please contact me at or by phone at 575.430.3040 so we can be sure to have enough ‘helpers.’

Las Cruces Ladies Concealed Carry Group… This ladies group will be meeting on September 14 from 6:30 pm – 8 pm at the Command Bunker at 415 S. Valley in Las Cruces. All ladies are welcome. Whether you are in Las Cruces that day, or make a trip over just for the meeting, you will find this a very interesting group of ladies.

Specialty Classes… We now offer a variety of specialty classes, including…

  • Night Classes (learn to shoot at night…this is when most defensive situations occur and shooting at night is much different than shooting in the daylight)
  • Defensive Shotgun (learn to use your shotgun in a close quarters self defense situation)
  • Defensive Carbine, (learn to use your AR, AK, 10/22 or lever action rifle in a close quarters self defense situation)
  • Advanced Defensive Handgun Class (advanced defensive handgun shooting techniques)
  • Women’s Advanced Defensive Handgun Class, (advanced defensive handgun shooting techniques oriented towards women’s unique situations)

If you are interested in taking one of these classes, please contact me at or by phone at 575.430.3040 and we can discuss putting a class together. My teaching schedule is very flexible and can certainly accommodate the training and scheduling needs of you or your group.

Basic Firearms Training Classes… If you are interested in learning the basics of the handgun, rifle or shotgun, then these introductory classes will get you started and will open you to the exciting world of recreational or defensive shooting. These classes are taught on request, so if you are interested please contact me at or by phone at 575.430.3040.

Private, Individual or Specialized Classes… If your particular training needs are not being met by our regular classes, or you desire some on-on-one instruction to improve your shooting skills, please let me know. I’m willing to travel to your locale if we can work out the logistics.

Supporters… Thank you to all our supporters (and my apologies to any I have forgotten).  I’d especially like to welcome back Mac McMorris of Mesquite Firearms, Inc located at 7207A Hwy 54/70. Mac will give Riclin students a discount with a card that I will give you. Stop by and see him!

  • Mac at Mesquite Firearms (575.437.4867)
  • David at the Postal Annex in Ruidoso (575.973.1049)
  • Clint at Ricochet Shooting Sports, (575.434.GUNS)
  • James at Basin Firearms (575.430.0541)
  • Wyatt at the Gun Rack (575.443.1528)
  • Larry at Fire Power Gun and Pawn of Ruidoso (575.257.3943)
  • Robert at the Wal Mart (575.434.5870) Sporting Good Department
  • Cressie at Mountain Magic in Cloudcroft (575.682.2348)

Please patronize these fine businesses that cater to and support shooters.

Going Out To Eat… To determine if a particular restaurant has Restaurant license (which according to the NM Alcohol and Gaming Division means they can only sell beer and wine) go to

In closing… Two things…first, the Ladies Concealed Cary Group has been a great success. In the last 8 months the ladies have participated in a variety of activities and developed friendships. A special Thank You to the Otero Practical Shooting Association for their support. And second, if you are interested in the Concealed Carry Drills/Night Shooting class discussed above please let me know. If there is enough interest we will certainly schedule a class.

Richard Barbaras



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