S. A. F. E. and Riclin Firearms Training, LLC

Active Shooter/Terrorist Response Class

Saturday – October 29, 2016
1:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Butterfield Trail Shooting Range

Are you prepared to deal with an active shooter or a terrorist attack in your neighborhood or place of work or recreation?  Active shooters/terrorist events pose a serious threat and are happening here and now!   More are coming!

This unique skill development and scenario based class will improve your shooting and tactical skills and help to prepare you for such an event.

    Skills development includes:
shooting from cover
precise shot placement at longer ranges
use of AR15 and AK47 rifles
basic first aid trauma skills – NEW 

Scenarios, utilizing the skills you develop, will include close and long range encounters, an exciting walk at the mall, a dinner scenario, a battlefield pick up of a rifle, and a concert.  But shooting is only part of this class.  Included will be an in-depth discussion on proper mind set and trauma skills.

This is an advanced class.  Students must have concealed carry or an equivalent level of training.  Moderate physical effort required.   A center fire handgun, holster and approximately 200 rounds of ammunition will be required.  An AR15 and an AK47 and ammunition will be provided although you are welcome to bring your own.  Subway sandwich included for dinner. 

Cost of the class is $150.  $50 deposit required
Check made payable to S.A.F.E.    POB 201  Dona Ana, NM  88032

A minimum number of students required

For more information:
 contact Richard Barbaras at 575.430.3040 or riclin@tularosa.net or
Coralie Carrier at 575.644.1692 or safeinlc@aol.com

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