Ready Citizen Challenge Event Scheduled for February 2018

Think you’re a great shot?  Come prove it and earn a T-shirt too!  Offered by Terry Nelson and Eve Flanigan, the Ready Citizen Challenge is a four-level series to test your pistol marksmanship skills. We are offering Level 1 in Alamogordo on February 10. If there is interest we can do Level 2 on February 11.

It’s a great way to check your skills and boost your confidence as you learn how you stack up against gun-carrying professionals! Those tests are timed, and qualifying scores are set for you as they are for any officer, from 75-80 percent.

At Level 1, the four courses of fire include

  • an untimed qualification used by a well-known shooting school to select applicants for a special class given by celebrity shooters
  • the New Mexico armed security guard shooting test
  • the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act qualification
  • the New Mexico Department of Public Safety dim-light handgun qualification (done during the day, but using a handheld light)

All shooters who complete the four tests of any Level receive a T-shirt, even if they did not make a passing score on one or more tests. Persistence is a virtue of the Ready Citizen!  Those who pass each level get a printed certificate of achievement.

Price: $110 per level plus a $5.32 range fee. One free on-site reshoot per test is offered for any tests not passed. Approximately 200 rounds; bring a bit extra. Three to four hours range time depending on the number of participants, weather, etc. Contact Eve Flanigan at 575-642-4825 to sign up for the Challenge or for more information.

Are you a Ready Citizen?

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