Practice With Your Bedroom Gun

I know many of you have a handgun in your bedroom. When was the last time you practiced with it? Does it have a light (or is a flashlight handy)? Have you checked lately too see if they still work? When things go bump in the night is not the time to discover that you have a dead battery.

Do some realistic drills at the range with your bedroom gun.

  • Lay down like you are sleeping, with your handgun close to where you keep it at night. A ground cloth or blanket will do as ‘bed’ for this and you’ll find it more comfortable than laying on the cold hard ground.
  • Place a target where your door would be. Practice grabbing your handgun and shooting the target while laying there in your ‘bed.’ Do this with and without whatever light you have.

You’ll find it’s a lot different than the standing up and shooting that you normally do. Something you should think about doing occasionally.

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