Our Right and Our Obligation

It’s funny, but how many of us take solace in having our carry permit, having our weapon, having ammo (and a stock of ammo), having and “Idea” about what you’d do if you had to, BUT never have time to practice! The responsibility of carrying a firearm dictates that you stay proficient…a gun is a tool like any other. If you do not practice a skill set, i.e. shot placement, presentation, cover and or concealment, etc, your body and mind will not know what to do when the time comes. Granted, it’s our right to carry…but it’s our obligation to be, and stay, proficient! A very interesting thought from a reader…think about what he has to say.


  1. When we statred down the path of concealed carry, most of us had an idea of what type of weapon we wanted to carry. Probably 80% of us, by now have either changed from that first gun and moved on to another, or at the very least changed our wardrobe to better suit the gun. Here’s the point, by now (once we’ve gotten over the magic bullet syndrom, or Glock vs. XD discussion), most of us have come to realize that we choose to carry. It’s seldom comfortable, usually the opposite, and always interesting as to how and where we will conceal. Our focus is not on comfort from wearing the weapon, but comfort of having the weapon and knowing how and when to use it.

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