November 2011

An Interesting Thought… Every minute of every day the way you conduct yourself while armed in the presence of others will reflect on every other armed individual nationwide. Please take a moment to think before you speak and speak before you act (as) it is a reflection of us all. From the signature line of tacman605 on the forum…this is certainly something to think long and hard about…and act accordingly. Note…thank you to those who sent me interesting thoughts. I will be including those in coming issues.

Tip of the Month… Practice shooting on the move. Practice drawing from concealment and shooting on the move. This is a very important skill that needs to be mastered. And this will help you work out issues like how to get your concealment garment out of the way as you are drawing your handgun on the move.

Going Out To Eat… To determine if a particular restaurant has Restaurant license (which according to the NM Alcohol and Gaming Division means they can only sell beer and wine) go to

November Concealed Carry Class… November 12 & 13…this is our regular monthly concealed carry class. Completion of this class meets the training requirement for a New Mexico Concealed Handgun License and enables you to apply for that license. If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for the class, contact me at or by phone at 575.430.3040.

Refresher and Renewal Classes… There will be a Refresher class on December 8 at 9:00. Contact me at or by phone at 575.430.3040 if you would like to sign up for this class or would like to schedule a Renewal or Refresher class on another date. And don’t forget to check the expiration date on your license to see if you need to take a Refresher (2 years after the issue date of your license) or a Renewal (2 months prior to the expiration date on your license).

Ladies Concealed Carry Group… The First Annual Style Show of the Alamogordo Ladies Concealed Carry Group was a great success! Over 50 ladies attended and watched the models show different outfits that did an excellent job of concealing their handguns. In addition to the more common methods of concealed carry, there were several innovative ways to conceal the handgun demonstrated.  The next meeting will be on November 10 at 6:30 pm with the place to be announced. Ladies, come join us and bring a friend.

Las Cruces Ladies Concealed Carry Group… This ladies group will be meeting on November 16 from 6:30 pm – 8 pm at the Command Bunker at 415 S. Valley in Las Cruces. All ladies are welcome. Whether you are in Las Cruces that day, or make a trip over just for the meeting, you will find this a very interesting group of ladies.

Cloudcroft Ladies Concealed Carry Group… There will be an organizational meeting of a proposed Cloudcroft Ladies Concealed Carry Group on Monday November 7 at 6:00 at Big Daddy’s Restaurant in Cloudcroft. Ladies, come and have dinner (Dutch treat) and join in the discussion.

An Alternate Look at Stopping Power… Here is an interesting study of some 1800 gun fights and an analysis of which calibers are most effective. According to the data, regardless of which caliber of handgun was used, it took an average of 2 rounds to incapacitate an assailant. Food for thought…

Supporters… Thank you to all our supporters (and my apologies to any I have forgotten).  I’d especially like to welcome back Mac McMorris of Mesquite Firearms, Inc located at 7207A Hwy 54/70. Mac will give Riclin students a discount with a card that I will give you. Stop by and see him!

  • Mac at Mesquite Firearms (575.437.4867)
  • David at the Postal Annex in Ruidoso (575.973.1049)
  • Kerry at Western Auto (575.437.0660)
  • James at Basin Firearms (575.430.0541)
  • Wyatt at the Gun Rack (575.443.1528)
  • Larry at Fire Power Gun and Pawn of Ruidoso (575.257.3943)
  • Robert at the Wal Mart (575.434.5870) Sporting Good Department
  • Cressie at Mountain Magic in Cloudcroft (575.682.2348)

Please patronize these fine businesses that cater to and support shooters.

Specialty Classes… We now offer a variety of specialty classes, including…

  • Night Classes (learn to shoot at night…this is when most defensive situations occur and shooting at night is much different than shooting in the daylight)
  • Defensive Shotgun (learn to use your shotgun in a close quarters self defense situation)
  • Defensive Carbine, (learn to use your AR, AK, 10/22 or lever action rifle in a close quarters self defense situation)
  • Advanced Defensive Handgun Class (advanced defensive handgun shooting techniques)
  • Women’s Advanced Defensive Handgun Class, (advanced defensive handgun shooting techniques oriented towards women’s unique situations)

If you are interested in taking one of these classes, please contact me at or by phone at 575.430.3040 and we can discuss putting a class together. My teaching schedule is very flexible and can certainly accommodate the training and scheduling needs of you or your group.

Basic Firearms Training Classes… If you are interested in learning the basics of the handgun, rifle or shotgun, then these introductory classes will get you started and will open you to the exciting world of recreational or defensive shooting. These classes are taught on request, so if you are interested please contact me at or by phone at 575.430.3040.

Private, Individual or Specialized Classes… If your particular training needs are not being met by our regular classes, or you desire some on-on-one instruction to improve your shooting skills, please let me know. I’m willing to travel to your locale if we can work out the logistics.

In closing… The holidays are rapidly approaching. As you venture out to celebrate, visit family and friends and to do your shopping, maintain a high level of awareness and be very cautious of any situation that doesn’t feel right. Be safe!

Richard Barbaras


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