No decision is a Decision To Do Nothing

Get Off The X ForumHere are a couple of interesting comments from the GetofftheX forum. As you watch the news and see what is happening in our world today, give these thoughts some consideration…

“Resist! We each have a duty to ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors, our community, our city, our state and our country to resist criminals. Reasoning with a thug who believes that his failures are because of people just like you is not likely to be helpful…Resist!

How will you respond if you are confronted by evil as some of us have been in the past and some of us will be in the future? If you have not decided ahead of time what you will do, you will likely do nothing. Those who fight back often win and survive. Those who surrender never win and often die a horrible death. Have you made your decision? Remember, no decision is a decision to do nothing.”

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