NMSSA Legislative Alert: They want to make it a crime to teach your child how to shoot

In just filed, SB 224, State Senator Sedillo Lopez wants to mandate how you can and cannot store a firearm in your own home – a version of a bill we have seen and defeated before in New Mexico. But this version of a “storage mandate” goes even further. It would make it a crime for a child to handle your firearm unless the child was 12 or older and had previously completed a firearms safety class. You would become a criminal for taking your child to go shooting if they had not previously taken some kind of formal class.

The bill is an uneducated attempt to demonize firearms. It is already a crime to place a child in a situation that endangers their life, this law does nothing to add to a child’s safety. The law is completely unenforceable unless they plan on going door-to-door inspecting firearm storage in your home. But this bill again goes beyond what they have attempted in the past. If a prohibited possessor gains access to your firearm you are liable as well. Albuquerque is the property crime capital of America; if your home or vehicle was broken into and a convicted felon stole your firearm, you could be charged with a crime under the bill. Instead of taking on the issue of the crime wave that has engulfed Albuquerque and other parts of the state, Sedillo Lopez wants to blame you, someone just seeking to defend yourself, if your firearm is stolen.

The bill is currently located in the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee, below is the contact info for the committee. Stay tuned to our email and social media updates for the latest on what is happening in the 2021 Legislative Session with this bill and others.

Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino – (D) (505) 397-8839 jortizyp@msn.com

Senator Bill Tallman – (D) (505) 397-8854 bill.tallman@nmlegis.gov

Senator Gregg Schmedes – (R) (505) 986-4395 gregg.schmedes@nmlegis.gov

Senator David M. Gallegos – (R) (505) 986-4278 david.rsi@hotmail.com

Senator Stuart Ingle – (R) (505) 986-4702 stuart.ingle@nmlegis.gov

Senator Brenda G. McKenna – (D) (505) 397-8834 brenda.mckenna@nmlegis.gov

Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez – (D) (505) 397-8847 a.sedillolopez@nmlegis.gov

Senator Elizabeth “Liz” Stefanics – (D) (505) 397-8851 lstefanics@msn.com

As always, please be respectful when contacting your elected officials.
Tara Mica
NRA-ILA State Director​
Cell 512-636-9314

I’ll be sending these updates out to you during the legislative session as I receive them from Tara Mica.

Richard Barbaras
(575) 430-3040

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