Mid September 2017 Update

The newsletter is going to be a bit late this month so I thought I’d send out some announcements about upcoming events.

September 16 & 17…Gun Show at the Fairgrounds in Alamogordo. I’ll have a table. Stop by and say hello. You can sign up for a Concealed Carry class, or a Renewal or Refresher. Or just visit…I’d be glad to see you.

October 14 & 15…Concealed Carry Class…This is the initial class required for your concealed carry license. If you already have your concealed carry license but have friend or two who might be interested let them know.

October 28…Couples Retreat in Las Cruces… Whether you are both armed, or if only one of you is armed, this Couples Retreat will be an excellent way to practice communicating with each other in self-defense situations and discover what role each might play in such a situation. While it is not for beginning shooters. we welcome couples where both are armed or only one is armed. After all, the non-shooter is still part of the team and must be considered in any self-defense situation. This will be an interesting retreat.

Renewal and Refresher classes… I’m doing these on request. Check the dates on your license…it is so easy to forget! If you need your Renewal or Refresher let me know and we’ll schedule your class.

Individual Firearms Training… I’m doing individual and small group classes on request. Let me know what your training needs are and we’ll schedule a class to meet those needs.

Contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a class.

Richard Barbaras

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