May 2018

Interesting Thought… Last month we had Part 1 which briefly discussed an encounter one of my students had recently with a javelina while hiking. In Part 2 we hear it in her own words. There are lessons to be learned here, particularly regarding the effects of adrenaline. I really appreciate her willingness to share her experience with us.

Part 2 of the Javelina Encounter…in her own words… 

It definitely was an intense time! Right after everything happened, mind you, I was out of bullets. I don’t believe I was cognizant of how many rounds I had. I’ve always known I carry 6 in that gun, but I guess I forgot how to count while encounter was taking place.

I was watching the dog as she was sniffing away on the trail and out of nowhere I saw this black thing (thinking it was a dog) charge my dog. I then got a look that it was a javelina. I remember thinking don’t shoot while they are fighting in fear of shooting the dog obviously. That part was clear. I waited til there was a break in fighting so I could fire. Honestly (due to adrenaline I’m sure) I don’t know if I fired at other pigs in fear of them ganging up on the dog (and that broke the fight up) or if I waited til the fight broke up on its own to fire the first shots. I do know I fired twice the first time. Fight ensued again and then broke up again. I fired 4 rounds then at the pack of pigs. The adrenaline was insane because I do remember the dog running fast away and I was stuck there without bullets and not knowing what would be next. That’s when I saw a baby pig and realized they were likely being protective.

I honestly don’t know how far away this happened. So, maybe it was 30 feet, lol. It felt like a tunnel and black all around me. Felt like it was so far away!

I picked up the largest stick I could find in case I needed it. Wishing like hell I had more ammo or a bigger gun but was incredibly thankful at that point for my gun. I rarely carry when I hike just because I never suspect anything to happen. This changed my mind. I was so thankful to have that little 380. Little but mighty. It did save the dog’s life and I do feel the dog saved mine. I ran away to find the dog. She was hunkered down scared outta her mind! That’s where I noticed bleeding on her side. I called my dad to come get us because I couldn’t tell the extent of her injuries at the point. BTW…the dog is fine now and the hair is finally growing back.

What I learned about this is 1. To always carry.   2.  Try like hell to stay calm and focus on what’s happening. I’m proud I didn’t panic, but I’m sad I let adrenaline take over right away, adrenaline seriously gives you amnesia. There are still some things I don’t remember, like when I fired first. However, since I never saw it coming, I was shocked at what took place. Never in a million years did I expect to see a pig there, much less 3, or for them to attack. I initially thought that it was another dog to begin with and I wasn’t super riled up and I was just going to grab a stick or something or fire a round to hopefully break them up. When I saw it was a pig, things changed. I don’t hike without my gun anymore. I carry a bit of a larger caliber now and good, quality bullets. 

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Tip of the Month… I’ve said it before but it is very important…Carry Your Gun! You never know when it will be needed. Go back and re-read the javelina story at the beginning of this newsletter. Carry your gun…and some extra ammunition.

In Closing… Handgun shooting skills are perishable. If you don’t practice you will see your shooting skills degrade. Go practice. I’ll see you at the range.

Richard Barbaras

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