May 2016

Interesting Thought… The Messy Reality of Self Defense. Some thoughts on the reality of self-defense from a blog written by Rob Morse.

“We are most likely to be attacked when we are away from home.  That means the arsenal in our gun safe is useless most of the time.  Think about that for a minute.  What we have on our body right now is what we will use to win or lose a self-defense encounter.  It is unlikely that we will have time to go to our car or safe room and get our gun, cell phone, flashlight, and trauma kit.  That is why criminals attack people who are, for example, on jogging trails.

Our options are limited.  Sometimes you can run away and escape.  Sometimes you can’t.  You will have to stand and fight if you are with your spouse, your children or your friends because you won’t leave them behind to face the attackers alone.  That leave us to defend ourselves from the threat, summon help, and provide aid to the injured.. with what we have in our pockets and, in our minds.  The thing we need most of all is a plan, and training lets us make good choices on the spot.”

It is worth reading the entire article at

Upcoming Classes and Events… 

  • May 14 & 15… Concealed Carry Class in Alamogordo
  • June 11 & 12… Concealed Carry Class in Alamogordo
  • October 29… Active Shooter/Terrorist Response Class in Las Cruces 
  • Renewal and Refresher classes…I am doing these on request. If you need your Renewal or Refresher let me know and we’ll schedule your class. I have been doing these classes individually or in small groups for some time now, and people seem to like this way of doing the classes.
  • Classes on Request… If you are interested in a particular class that isn’t currently on our calendar or have a group of friends you would like to take a class with, let me know, and we’ll make it happen.

Active Shooter/Terrorist Response Class in Las Cruces… We had to, postpone this class a couple of months ago but have rescheduled it for October 29. It will be an interesting class and will give you some skills and tactics for dealing with the active shooter or the homegrown terrorist if you should ever find yourself in that situation. Most of us will never have to deal with an active shooter or a homegrown terrorist, but it never hurts to be prepared. Tough times are coming (just watch the news) and we look forward to seeing you in this class.

Want a Private Concealed Carry Class?… Contact me if you are interested in a private concealed carry class for you and your family or a few friends. Scheduling is very flexible, and we can work out a time that is convenient for you.

Carbine/Rifle Classes… I have been doing some defensive carbine/carbine familiarization classes for small groups of individuals who want to learn more about using the AR15 or AK47 for defensive and sporting purposes. Contact me if you are interested.

Personalized Firearms Training… If you are interested in personalized firearms training tailored to your training needs or interests or those of you and a group of your friends, or for your business, contact me, and I’d be happy to visit with you about meeting your training needs.

We’ll begin by consulting with you to determine what your training needs are or what you would like to accomplish. Together we’ll decide how to meet those needs.

Any of the classes Riclin offers, from Individual Training Sessions, Concealed Carry, Defensive Handgun, Defensive Carbine and Shotgun classes, as well as Basic Firearms Training, can be done on a personal training basis for individuals, businesses or small groups. Classes can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Scheduling is very flexible.

Veterans… I am now offering two classes for active duty military personnel or veterans who have been out of the military for less than 20 years. One covers the legal aspects of concealed carry in New Mexico and what you need to know to be legal. The second class is an introduction to defensive handgun shooting for those with limited defensive handgun training/shooting experience.

Regular Monthly Announcements (Reminders)… (I know you get tired of reading this, but you do need to be occasionally reminded)

  • You need to take a Refresher (re-qualification) course two years after you receive your New Mexico concealed handgun license, and you need to take a Renewal class and apply to NMDPS for your concealed carry license to be renewed after four years. Take a look at your license periodically and make sure you take those classes. If you are in need of either the Refresher or Renewal classes, contact me and we can schedule your class.
  • To Learn Which Restaurants Sell Beer and Wine Only… You may carry your concealed handgun in a restaurant in New Mexico that is licensed to sell beer and wine only – this is known as a Restaurant License. Go to and do a search. You can enter the name of the restaurant and see what kind of license they have, or you can get a list of all the restaurants with a restaurant license in that particular county. And remember… you cannot consume alcohol while you are carrying your concealed handgun.

Tip of the Month… Reread the Interesting Thought and the entire article as well. Then think about what you carry daily. Are you carrying enough ‘equipment’ or ‘stuff’ to survive a self-defense encounter and then render aid to yourself or a loved one if necessary until the first responders arrive? Is there anything you should add?

In Closing… The United Way of Otero County is hosting a very interesting firearms raffle as a fundraiser. They are giving away 108 firearms during 2017 (2 each week plus some grand prizes). For more information go to

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