May 2013

Interesting Thought… Why is it that whenever there is a shooting we hear about the need to curb gun violence but whenever someone is killed by a drunk driving a car we don’t hear anything about car violence?

May Concealed Carry Class… The next concealed carry class will be May 11 & 12. Completion of this class meets the training requirement for a New Mexico Concealed Handgun License and enables you to apply for that license. If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for the class, contact me at or by phone at 575.430.3040.

Defensive Shotgun Class… May 23… There will be a Defensive Shotgun Class on Thursday May 23. This class will introduce you to the concepts of using your shotgun for defensive purposes. If you are interested in taking your shotgun skills to the next level contact me at or by phone at 575.430.3040. Note that this is not a beginner’s class.

Personal Firearms Training… Are you interested in a personal firearms trainer? Want to improve your shooting skills or focus on a particular skill or get ready for a hunting trip? Any of the classes Riclin offers, from Individual Training Sessions, Concealed Carry, Advanced Defensive Handgun, Defensive Carbine and Shotgun classes, as well as Basic Firearms Training, can be done on a personal training basis for individuals or small groups. Scheduling is very flexible. For more information about personal firearms training contact me at or by phone at 575.430.3040 and I’d be happy to visit with you about meeting your training needs.

Due to the Current Ammunition Shortage… You might consider buying the ammunition you will need for your basic Concealed Carry, Refresher or Renewal classes whenever you find it and setting it aside for the class rather than waiting to schedule the class and then trying to find the ammunition. And don’t forget to take a look at your license to see if you need to schedule a Refresher or a Renewal. I have been doing these classes on request, so when you need your Refresher or Renewal please contact me at or by phone at 575.430.3040 and we’ll set up a time for your class.

If you are going out to eat… To determine if the restaurant you want to go to has a restaurant license, go to
and search for a Restaurant License in the appropriate county. You can enter the name of the restaurant and see what kind of license they have, or you can get a list of all the restaurants with a restaurant license in that particular county. And remember…you cannot consume alcohol while you are carrying your concealed handgun.

Email Issues… I’ve been having some issues with my email. If you have sent me an email recently and I haven’t responded please send it again. The problem account is My other email account,, seems to be working fine. And thank you for your patience.

New commercial from Glock… Many of you know that I am a Glock fan and I really appreciated the following commercial from Glock. I hope you enjoy it if you haven’t seen it already (you will probably like it even if you aren’t a Glock fan).

Tip of the Month… Practice shooting from the ground. It is not unusual for a confrontation to end up on the ground so you need to practice accessing your handgun and shooting from various positions and angles while on the ground.

In closing… The last several months have been extremely busy for Riclin Firearms Training, LLC and I want to thank you for your continued support. Please let me know how I can meet your training needs.

Richard Barbaras

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