May 2009

An Interesting Thought…There is probably more truth to this statement that most of us realize…You have to survive three battles; the gun battle, legal battle, and emotional battle. Even if you dodge the first two that third one, the emotional battle, will be the most powerful. James Yeager of Tactical Response

June Concealed Carry Class…The June Concealed Carry Class will be held on June 6 & 7. If you are interested, or know of anyone else who might be interested in taking the class, please have them contact Richard at or (575) 430-3040.

Advanced Defensive Handgun Class…Two slots left for the May 30 Advanced Class! This is a good way to improve your basic handgun skills. Contact Richard at or (575) 430-3040 if you would like to take this class.

Women’s Only Concealed Carry Class August 1 & 2…Thank you to those responded to my question regarding a Women’s Only concealed carry class in the last newsletter. We have scheduled the class for August 1 & 2. In addition to the basic concealed carry class, topics specific to women, such as specific ways women can carry, how to select a holster, etc, will be added. For those who don’t have a handgun for the class we have several you can choose from to borrow for the class.

Tip of the Month…Dry Fire…this is the cheapest and one of the most effective forms of practice. And you can do it almost anywhere. Just be sure your handgun is unloaded and that any ammunition is not immediately available. You will be surprised how a few minutes a day of dry firing will greatly enhance your basic shooting skills. Work on perfecting your sight alignment and trigger squeeze. You can also practice moving off the X as well. Make it a daily habit!

Private Concealed Carry Classes…We have been teaching a lot of private concealed carry classes that have not been a part of the regular monthly schedule. If you know a few people who are interested in the class, let me know and we can do a class that caters to your schedule. In many cases, a private concealed carry class can be based on your specific needs as long as we cover the mandatory material as well.

Individual or Specialized Classes…If you have specific needs not met by our regular classes, or are interested in a different kind of training, please get in touch with me. I’d be glad to work with you or your group. These classes can be one of our regular classes taught on an individual basis or can be set up to work with your particular needs or interests and around your schedule.

OPSA…The Otero Practical Shooting Association hosts regular monthly matches. They are very supportive of first-time shooters and will provide as much advice and assistance as you need to enjoy the match. For more information, go to their website at And while you are at it, please consider joining OPSA and supporting their efforts to provide a variety of matches in the local area.

Supporters…Thank you to all our supporters. Larry at Fire Power Gun and Pawn of Ruidoso (257-3943) and Mac at the Tularosa Trading Post (437-0709) located between Alamogordo and Tularosa support Riclin students by giving discounts and passing out information about our classes. James at Basin Firearms (430-0541) and Wyatt at the Gun Rack (443-1528) will make you a good deal and can order whatever you want. Robert at the Wal Mart (434-5870) Sporting Good Department also supports Riclin Firearms Training LLC. We encourage you to patronize these fine businesses that cater to shooters.

In closing…The last several months have been extremely busy with concealed carry classes. Things appear to be slowing down a bit so we will be trying to offer some of our other classes as well. We are planning another Advanced Class in the fall and will be offering a Defensive Shotgun Class in the near future. Until then, train hard and be safe!

Richard Barbaras


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