Maintained and Planned Awareness

If you are approached by someone in a parking lot (i.e.Walmart, etc) with a hard luck story wanting money, your best bet is to say something like ‘Sorry, I can’t help you’ while moving away and looking to see if they have a partner. Be aware that the approach of asking for help could be a way to distract you so you can be attacked/robbed/whatever by a partner. This isn’t always the case, but it certainly pays to be aware and be safe.

Which leads us to Tip #2…Carry your handgun on a routine, daily basis. You do not get to pick which day you will need your gun (do you really think you get to pick the day the situation mentioned above occurs???). Someone else makes that decision for you, and you will typically be informed at the very last minute!

Think about that last sentence for a moment and realize how true it is.

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