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10 Things Gun Owners Get Wrong About Their Self-Defense Rights… An interesting article from Gun Tests regarding things gun owners get wrong about their self-defense rights by Michele Byington, an attorney for a national firearms legal-defense program. It’s worth taking the time to read. Link to 10 Common Misconceptions About Gun Ownership.

The article is a bit long, so here is the quick list.

10 Common Misconceptions About Gun Ownership

  1. Drag The Body Into The House
  2. The Only Time a Gun Should Be Displayed Is If You’re Going To Shoot It
  3. Make Sure There Is Only One Side of the Story
  4. It’s Legal to Shoot a Trespasser
  5. Invoking the Right to Remain Silent Will Cause the Police to Think You Are Guilty
  6. Shooting to Wound Is Better Than Shooting to Kill
  7. Criminals Get Arrested; Not Good Guys
  8. Gun Modifications and Choice of Ammo May Cause More Legal Liability
  9. A Person Cannot Be Sued Civilly for Acting in Self-Defense
  10. Warning Shots Are a Great Idea

From a Facebook post came this interesting thought...

Firearms are for the preservation of life and liberty. For putting food on the table. And for sports. NOT for winning arguments, feeding our egos, or taunting petty drunks.

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Next time you feel frustrated at someone, or angry, think about this.


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