Ladies Concealed Carry Group Overview

I would like to express my appreciation to each of you for attending the Ladies Concealed Carry meeting. A special thanks to Cat and Beth for their encouragement and help and to Cressie for bringing her purses. A total of 31 ladies attended.

The discussion was interesting and indicates that you would like this group to continue. I am willing to do anything I can to support you all.

Below is the input that came from our discussion (thank you Dena for your help…you write much more legibly than I do…). If there is anything you would like to add now that you have had some time to consider it please let me know.

What would you like this group to do for you?
Places (how) to conceal/carry

What support do you need to become confident with your handgun and carrying it concealed?
Knowledge of holsters
Exposure to holsters/guns
Practice w/role playing
Night shooting
Basic marksmanship training
Knowledge of different types of guns/ammo
Gun cleaning

Topics for future programs
Guest presenters
Self Defense

The next meeting of the group will be Thursday evening February 10 from 6:30 to 8:00 at the Cuba Avenue Church of Christ. They have promised that we can have the larger room next time. As we discussed I will ask the Alamogordo Department of Public Safety if they will send someone to make a brief presentation on what is happening in Alamogordo.

I have been asked about sharing everyone’s email address with the group so you all can communicate among yourselves. I am more than willing to do so, but only with your consent. Please let me know in the next few days if you are willing to have your name and email address shared with the entire group.

Thank you again for attending last night and I hope that this group provides support and encouragement to each and everyone of you.

I will see you on February 10.


PS…I am also sending this to several ladies who expressed interest but were unable to attend.

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