Just Let ‘Em Shoot the Gun!

Do you know of a woman who is beginning to realize that the world is an imperfect, dangerous place and that she needs to learn how to shoot in order to be able to protect herself…or knows she needs to learn to shoot but is uncomfortable handling firearms? Then here is something to consider…

Most formal firearms training classes go over a lot of academic information before the student is given the opportunity to actually handle the firearm and do some shooting. However, some people just need to be given the opportunity to handle a firearm and shoot it (under proper guidance and instruction) first without a lot of academics just to learn that they can, indeed, actually shoot a firearm and that it can be a lot of fun. Once they do that initial shooting and become more comfortable with shooting a handgun they are better able to decide what their next step(s) should be.

Riclin Firearms training has developed a short introductory handgun class that enables women who have never fired a handgun before to learn the basic safety rules, how to load the handgun, properly grip the handgun, align the sights and pull the trigger…and shoot with a reasonable degree of accuracy. We have used this approach with several women and have found it to be very successful. In fact, once they realize that the handgun isn’t going to bite them they tend to become excited and want to shoot more. It is amazing to see the confidence these women have shown after the 2 hour shooting session. Also included is a discussion to help the woman decide what her next step should be regarding handguns.

Please consider passing this along to those women.


  1. Will you be holding the short introductory class for ladies in Las Cruces anytime in the near future. I would be interested in taking this class when offered in LC.

    • We partner with the Las Cruces group on a regular basis. Keep watching our calendar for up coming events. Also, if you have not, please sign up for our newsletter. We typically give enough notice to be able to post all of our new classes in each month’s edition.

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