July 2010

An Interesting Thought…“Criticism is necessary and useful; it is often indispensable; but it can never take the place of action, or be even a poor substitute for it. The function of the mere critic is of very subordinate usefulness. It is the doer of deeds who actually counts in the battle for life, and not the man who looks on and says how the fight ought to be fought, without himself sharing the stress and the danger.”…A comment attributed to Teddy Roosevelt…consider this in light of national events where it seems like the main impetus is to find fault (and head to the courthouse to sue) rather than putting our resources into solving the problem.

Next Concealed Carry Class…The next regular Concealed Carry Class will be held on August 7 & 8. If you are interested, or know of anyone else who might be interested in taking the class, please have them contact Richard at 575.430.3040 or at riclin@tularosa.net.

Defensive Shotgun Class…We will be teaching a Defensive Shotgun Class on Saturday July 24. This class will be a series of defensive drills combined with a couple of scenarios to enable you to become familiar with the defensive use of the shotgun. You will also have the opportunity to pattern your shotgun at various distances with birdshot, buckshot and slugs to see how your particular shotgun does with each. This class is not for beginners. You should be comfortable shooting your shotgun before considering taking this class. If you are interested in taking this class, contact Richard at them contact Richard at 575.430.3040 or at riclin@tularosa.net. Enrollment will be limited.

A Reminder…Concealed Carry in Restaurant with Beer and Wine Licenses (Restaurant License)…To determine if a particular restaurant has Restaurant license (which, according to the NM Alcohol and Gaming Division) means they can only sell beer and wine), go to https://riclin.net/ and search for the restaurant you are interested in. Remember, you may not consume alcohol while you are in possession of your concealed firearm. And if you see any restaurants with signs indicating that you are not welcome with you concealed handgun, please let me know.

Private, Individual or Specialized Classes…I am getting a number of requests for the concealed carry class to be taught during the week or on an alternative schedule of some sort. I am more than willing to work with you to teach any of the classes offered by Riclin Firearms Training, LLC. Simply contact me and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate your needs. Or if you have specific needs not met by our regular classes or scheduling, or are interested in a different kind of training, please get in touch with me. We can work with your particular training needs or interests and around your schedule.

Supporters…Thank you to all our supporters. David Locke of the Postal Annex in Ruidoso (575.973.1049) has been setting up classes in Ruidoso. Clint at Ricochet Shooting Sports, located at Hwy 54 and the La Luz turn off, (575.434.GUNS), will give you a good deal. Both James at Basin Firearms (575.430.0541) and Wyatt at the Gun Rack (575.443.1528) will make you a good deal and can order whatever you want. Larry at Fire Power Gun and Pawn of Ruidoso (575.257.3943) supports Riclin students by giving discounts and passing out information about our classes. Robert at the Wal Mart (575.434.5870) Sporting Good Department also supports Riclin Firearms Training, LLC. Bill at The Gunsmith Works in Capitan (575.354.0491) is also a supporter. We encourage you to patronize these fine businesses that cater to and support shooters.

Another Reminder about your Refresher or Renewal…Check the expiration date on your license to see if you need to take a Refresher (2 years after the issue date of your license) or a Renewal (2 months prior to the expiration date on your license). Many people with 4 year concealed carry licenses are coming up for renewal so take a look at your license and see where you are in terms of needing either the Refresher or the Renewal and give me a call (575.430.3040). Contact me if you need either class or if you have any questions.

Tip of the Month…You are probably tired of me saying you need to practice all the time, but an incident occurred this week end that reinforced to me the need to keep practicing. During a segment of the concealed carry class, I was demonstrating the importance of movement and distance. While trying to draw as I was moving off the line of attack, my hand grabbed a fistful of shirt instead of my pistol. While I felt a bit foolish in front of the class (after all, I’m supposed to know what I’m doing…), it graphically illustrated the need to continually practice accessing your handgun in a variety of positions, especially the awkward ones and also while you are moving.

In closing…As I am settling into retirement, I’m looking at ways to improve Riclin Firearms Training, LLC. I’ll keep you posted on whatever changes I make. As always, be aware and be safe.

Richard Barbaras


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