January 2010

An Interesting Thought…Awareness is good, but without skills and ability tied to that awareness, all you have is anxiety…Tony Blauer…an interesting observation, and the next thought is that it might be time to think about getting some additional training…

Bill to Allow Concealed Carry in New Mexico Restaurants with a Beer and Wine License will be working its way through the New Mexico legislature during the next month. Please support this bill by calling your legislators and asking them to vote for the bill when it comes up. Here is a link to the actual bill (Senate Bill 40): http://legis.state.nm.us/lcs/_session.aspx?Chamber=S&LegType=B&LegNo=40&year=10

I will pass along any additional information I receive about the progress of this bill.

Renewal/Refresher Class…We will be offering a combined Renewal/Refresher Class on February 7. We realize that it is Super Bowl Sunday, but the kick off isn’t until late afternoon and the class will be finished before 12 noon. So no excuses! Contact me to sign up for the class or if you have any questions.

February Concealed Carry Class…A Sweetheart of a Deal…The February Concealed Carry Class will be held on February 13 & 14. Since the class will be over Valentine’s week end, we are offering a Valentine’s Day Special…if you take the class with your spouse or significant other, we will give them a $50 discount off the class fee.  If you are interested, or know of anyone else who might be interested in taking the class, please have them contact me.

Couples Class…February 20…A new class designed for couples who are interested in learning to work together as a team in a self defense situation. The intent of the class is to get couples to communicate about what role each will play in a defensive encounter. We will look at both in home and outside the home scenarios. Whether you are both armed, or if only one of you is armed, this class will be an excellent way to communicate and discover what role each will play in a self defense situation. This class is more about communicating than shooting, but there will be plenty of opportunity to shoot as well. Contact me if you are interested in this class. Space will be limited.

Night Class…A Night Class has been scheduled for March 7. Learn to use your handgun defensively at night both with and without a flashlight. Class includes instruction and a variety of realistic scenarios. This will be the last night class until next fall. Contact me if you are interested in signing up.

Defensive Revolver Class…We will be teaching a Defensive Revolver Class on Saturday, March 20. This will be an opportunity to learn how to use your revolver defensively. We will begin by doing several drills and then evolve into some interesting scenarios. Call me if you are interested in signing up.

Individual or Specialized Classes…If you have specific needs not met by our regular classes, or are interested in a different kind of training, please get in touch with me. I’d be glad to work with you or your group. These classes can be one of our regular classes taught on an individual basis or a class can be set up to work with your particular needs or interests and around your schedule.

Reminder about your Refresher or Renewal…Check the expiration date on your license to see if you need to take a Refresher (2 years after the issue date of your license) or a Renewal (2 months prior to the expiration date on your license). Many people with 4 year concealed carry licenses are coming up for renewal so take a look at your license and see where you are in terms of needing either the Refresher or the Renewal and give me a call. It might be wise to mark the appropriate dates on your calendar (I did) so you don’t forget. Contact me if you need either class or if you have any questions.

Tip of the Month…Remember, you are under no duty to open your door just because someone knocks. Look first. A peephole is a necessity. An intercom is a good addition. NEVER open your door until you have verified who is on the other side. Once the door is open, they’re in. If someone claims there has been an accident or other emergency, tell them you will call the police for them. There is no need for them to come inside and make the call. This tip is from the December 15 Rangemaster newsletter.

Supporters…Thank you to all our supporters. Both James at Basin Firearms (575.430.0541) and Wyatt at the Gun Rack (575.443.1528) will make you a good deal and can order whatever you want. Larry at Fire Power Gun and Pawn of Ruidoso (575.257.3943) supports Riclin students by giving discounts and passing out information about our classes. Robert at the Wal Mart (575.434.5870) Sporting Good Department also supports Riclin Firearms Training, LLC. Bill at The Gunsmith Works in Capitan  (575.354.0491) is also a supporter. And welcome to our new supporter, Ricochet Shooting Sports. Stop by and see Clint or give him a call (575.434.GUNS). We encourage you to patronize these fine businesses that cater to shooters.

In closing…As I mentioned in an earlier email, I will be retiring after 30 years at Zia Therapy Center on June 30 and will be concentrating on providing firearms training on a more full time basis. I will be sending out a survey in a few days and I would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes and respond. Your thoughts will be a big help as I plan for the future of Riclin Firearms Training, LLC.

Richard Barbaras


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