January 2009

An Interesting Thought… This month’s Interesting Thought has been credited to James Earl Jones. I don’t know if he is the one who originally made this statement, but it is hard to argue the validity of it…”The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose.”


Here are the Numbers… From the Concealed Carry Unit, here are the numbers of valid Concealed Carry Licenses as of January 6, 2009…
NM   12,235
Otero County           495
February Concealed Carry Class… The February Concealed Carry Class will be held on February 7 & 8. If you are interested, or know of anyone else who might be interested in taking the class, please have them contact Richard at riclin@tularosa.net or (575) 430-3040.
Tip of the Month… When you park, do not leave purses, briefcases, I-Pods, cell phones, GPS receivers, and other valuables where they can be seen. Put them out of sight, preferably in the trunk. Be cautious about putting items in the trunk in public places, however. Often, thugs watch you lock the stuff in the trunk, break into the car, and use the inside trunk release to open the trunk. Stop and stow the items before you reach the gym, mall, or other location.
Individual or Specialized Classes… If you have specific needs not met by our regular classes, or are interested in a different kind of training, please get in touch with me. I’d be glad to work with you or your group. These classes can be one of our regular classes taught on an individual basis or can be set up to work with your particular needs or interests and around your schedule.
Refresher Class… There will be a two hour refresher class on January 31 from 9 – 11. Remember, you must do the Refresher at the mid point of you license. You have two months before the mid point to two months after the mid point to do the Refresher. Contact Richard at riclin@tularosa.net or (575) 430-3040 if you would like to take this class.
Free Shooting Clinic…I would like to thank Brandon Burling and Desert Sun Motors for bringing out the goodies and the tents and the new trucks to our January clinic. Brandon said he’ll be back in February, so you might want to think about attending. The next shooting clinic will be February 15 from 1 pm – 3 pm. You will need a handgun, holster, extra magazines or speed loaders and at least 100 rounds of ammunition. These clinics are not for beginners. Space is limited and you must pre-register. Please contact Richard at riclin@tularosa.net or (575) 430-3040 to sign up or for further information.
OPSA… The Otero Practical Shooting Association hosts regular monthly matches. They are very supportive of first-time shooters and will provide as much advice and assistance as you need to enjoy the match. For more information, go to their website at www.opshooter.org. And while you are at it, please consider joining OPSA and supporting their efforts to provide a variety of matches in the local area.
Supporters… Thank you to all our supporters. Larry at Fire Power Gun and Pawn of Ruidoso (257-3943) and Mac at the Tularosa Trading Post (437-0709) located between Alamogordo and Tularosa support Riclin students by giving discounts and passing out information about our classes. James at Basin Firearms (430-0541) and Wyatt at the Gun Rack (443-1528) will make you a good deal and can order whatever you want. Robert at the Wal Mart (434-5870) Sporting Good Department also supports Riclin Firearms Training. We encourage you to patronize these fine businesses that cater to shooters.
In closing… Take a look at the newly revised Riclin web site. Amy Rivers of Rivers Web Strategies has done an outstanding job of bring it up to date and making it much more user friendly. It can be found at www.riclin.net. Take a look when you have a chance…I’d appreciate your comments. Also, be sure to check out the new concealed carry forum, operated by one of our local Alamogordo folks, at www.concealcarrychat.com. It is very interesting and is really beginning to take off. Drop by and make a comment or two…I know you will be welcome.
Richard Barbaras

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