How to Survive a Terrorist Vehicle Attack

Take a few minutes and read the full article by Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training on tips on how to survive a terrorist vehicle attack.

Vehicle Attack Survival Tips

  1. Face traffic when walking along the street.
  2. If you have a choice, walk along streets that have vehicle blockades or cars parked at the curb.
  3. Watch for danger signs.
  4. Don’t rush to help the injured.
  5. Move indoors immediately, but don’t stay there.
  6. Stay away from the attack vehicle and be alert for secondary attacks.
  7. Don’t draw your firearm while you are attempting to figure out what’s happening.
  8. Don’t loiter on unprotected sidewalks.
  9. Be able to deal with charging attackers.
  10. Know how to treat knife wounds, vehicle impacts, and blast injuries.

Think about what Greg details in his article and think also about the concepts with the Interesting Thought article. It appears that vehicle attacks may become more and more of a problem.

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