Have Only One Type of Defense Gun

Some thoughts about having only one type of handgun from my friend John. It IS certainly something to think about.

I once worked with a fellow who had a zillion handguns and liked to vary by day which he carried.  The problem, whenever he was excited, he couldn’t function.

Odds are, as said in a previous newsletter,

“Someone else will pick [the day you need your gun] and they will only tell you at the last minute”.

Thus you are likely to be operating from habit/muscle memory … but for which gun?

When the excrement hits the ventilator, you need to react without thinking.  If you must discriminate between one firearm’s characteristics from another (safety? double action? single action?  double-single? trigger weight? sighting variance?), you are needlessly handicapping yourself in a life-or-death situation.

Good food for thought, John. Thanks for sending this.

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