Guns and Spare Tires

I found this comment on a forum somewhere and thought it was a very good analogy…so here it is, with apologies for not remembering exactly where I found it…Regarding the feeling of it not being necessary to carry a concealed handgun I always use this analogy…although I’ve been driving for almost 40 years and have only needed to use a spare tire once in that time, I would never drive a mile without having a spare and I bet most of you agree. Most of us will never use our guns in a self defense situation but like a spare tire that you rarely if ever use your every day carry gun is a tool that more than likely you’ll never use but if you ever need it you’ll be glad that you had it. Carry your guns! For me it is a part of getting dressed…underwear, pants, belt, holster, gun, same thing every day and hopefully, like that spare tire in the car, I’ll never need to put the gun to use.

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