Get a good belt!

For the last several years I have been using a leather belt from Wal Mart and it has worked just fine. However, it finally needed to be replaced so I purchased a Frequent Flyer belt from Wilderness Products. I was amazed at the difference. The belt is fairly stiff and supports the handgun much better. I thought it was OK before, but the new Wilderness belt is excellent and makes a big difference. So…get a good belt if you haven’t done so already. You will be pleasantly surprised.

M-99 Dress Belt - 36'''' Brown Belt M-99 Dress Belt – 36”” Brown Belt

Suede lined supple leather provides the required stiffness for comfortable carry yet easily conforms to your body. Attractive edge stitch looks good with dress and work wear. Mfg: Ross Leather Works SPECS: Leather Russet Brown with brass buckle or Black with silver buckle. 1”” (3.8cm) wide. Belts are sized to the middle hole.

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