Free Women’s Shooting Clinic

There has been a change to the class schedule on 19 February, 2011. A free Women’s shooting clinic has now been scheduled to occur at the Sidney Paul Gordon Shooting Range in La Luz. The event will begin at 9 am.

If you plan to attend you should have already had some shooting experience as this is not going to be a beginner class. However, beginners are welcome to join the Women’s group at the range to watch. Participants who plan to shoot should bring at least 100 rounds and their handguns. Additional handguns will also be available so the group can practice with a variety of weapons as well as become familiar with what is available in the market when ready to make handgun purchases.

Instructors Richard and Butch will be on range. Guest instructor Coralie Carrier from SAFE, our Las Cruces partner will also be joining the Women’s group at the range.

A special thanks to Richard, Butch and Michael Carron for volunteering to bring additional weapons to introduce to the group.

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