Defensive Carbine Class ReCap and Comments

A recent attendee to our Defensive Carbine Class left us an amazing testimonial. I thought I would take a moment to review some of the things that the class offers and how it affected this particular individual.

The Defensive Carbine class was designed for gun enthusiasts who are interested in the defensive use of the semi-automatic carbine in a home or urban environment. Like DL, from the class said, “most people would never think of a Carbine as a short range weapon but it is a really effective once you learn how to use it.”

A variety of handling and defensive drills including malfunction drills, shooting in close quarters, shooting in various positions including prone and supine, shooting on the move, transition from carbine to handgun, and utilizing cover are taught and practiced during every defensive carbine class. DL commented that several drills were particularly eye-opening. As an instructor, this type of comment is always exciting to read – makes us realize that we really are making a difference.

DL sums it up nicely, noting that finishing up at the long range and shooting the steel buffalo from 365 yards really shows the versatility of the carbine type of weapon systems.

“I highly recommend that everyone, regardless of your experience with this style of weapon, take this class and learn the fundamentals. Great Class!” ~ DL

Well, thank you DL, we enjoyed having you in the class and hope to see you one of the other classes we offer in the near future.

Visit our Defensive Carbine Class page to see all of the class details. Additional information and classes can be found in our Upcoming Events section in the sidebar, behind the Calendar tab or scheduled upon request. Please feel free to contact us any time.



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