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  1. I really enjoyed the Concealed Carry class that Richard taught. I thought the information was priceless.

    This information would educate many who have misconceptions about guns and our rights to carry arms. I wish that everyone was required to take this class even if they did not want to qualify for the permit.

    Thanks Richard! Well done.

  2. Hello Richard,

    I wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed your Defensive Carbine Class.

    I was not real familiar with my AR-15 prior to taking your class, but after going through all the drills and learning how to operate and manipulate my gun I was extremely comfortable handling and using my AR.

    There were several drills that were particularly eye-opening. Shooting on the move and shooting from behind different types and heights of cover were particularly useful. Most people would never think of a Carbine as a short range weapon but it is a really effective once you learn how to use it. It was really interesting to shoot from behind a curb and underneath cover, such as a vehicle.

    Finishing up at the long range and shooting the steel buffalo from 365 yards really shows you the versatility of this type of weapon system.

    I highly recommend that everyone, regardless of your experience with this style of weapon, take this class and learn the fundamentals. Great Class!


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