Concealed Carry Class

The Concealed Carry Class offered by Riclin Firearms Training, LLC meets the training requirement of the New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry Act. Completion of this class enables the student to apply for a New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry License. Topics for the 15 hour course, which is approved by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, include:

•    Knowledge of and safe handling of single and double action revolvers and semiautomatic handguns
•    Safe storage of handguns and child safety
•    Safe handgun shooting fundamentals
•    Live shooting of a handgun on a firing range (includes qualification firing)
•    Identification of ways to develop and maintain handgun shooting skills
•    Federal, state and local criminal and civil laws pertaining to the purchase, ownership, transportation, use and possession of handguns
•    Techniques for avoiding a criminal attack and how to control a violent confrontation
•    Techniques for nonviolent dispute resolution

Additional topics include ways to conceal your handgun, sources for additional information and an interesting discussion of the OODA loop concept of reaction time. Instruction is individualized to each participant as much as possible while keeping within the course guidelines.

Participants will receive a copy of the Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection in the Home produced by the National Rifle Association as well as a student manual.

The shooting drills are designed to expose the student to a variety of techniques, situations and scenarios to develop their shooting skills. Beginning with basic accuracy drills, we evolve into dynamic movement techniques and shooting on the move. Once the student has completed the shooting drills they shoot the qualification course.

Qualification with both the semi-auto and the revolver are included as part of the class. Students are expected to provide their own handguns and ammunition. Loaner handguns are available if a student has not yet purchased their handgun. Students who do not own a handgun are encouraged to NOT purchase a handgun until after they complete the class. During the class they will have the opportunity to handle and shoot several different handguns. This is an excellent opportunity to find a handgun that meets their particular needs.

If you would like to take the class with a friend or family member, a discount is available for those willing to share the book and other materials.

Contact Richard at 575.430.3040 or Contact Us if you have questions, to arrange a personal firearms training, or to sign up for a class.