Ready Citizen Challenge – Level 1

Type of Firearm Class:

Minimum Firearm Experience Recommended:

Required Prerequisite: none

Ready Citizen Challenge is a four-level series to test your pistol marksmanship skills.

It’s a great way to check your skills and boost your confidence as you learn how you stack up against gun-carrying professionals! Those tests are timed, and qualifying scores are set for you as they are for any officer, from 75-80 percent.

At Level 1, the four courses of fire include

  • an untimed qualification used by a well-known shooting school to select applicants for a special class given by celebrity shooters
  • the New Mexico armed security guard shooting test
  • the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act qualification
  • the New Mexico Department of Public Safety dim-light handgun qualification (done during the day, but using a handheld light)
Things You Need to Bring -

Ammunition: 200 rounds

Other Items:

Bring extra rounds to be certain you will have enough.