Defensive Handgun

Type of Firearm Class:

Minimum Firearm Experience Recommended:

Required Prerequisite: Be very familiar with your handgun and comfortable with its use.

The Defensive Handgun Class is for individuals wanting to improve their defensive handgun skills. A discussion of mindset and the dynamics and importance of movement is included, as well as a review of the New Mexico law on the use of deadly force. Basic and advanced shooting and handgun handling techniques, designed to give the student a realistic perspective of the defensive use of their handgun, will be drilled extensively, including:

  • Malfunction drills
  • Shooting with the strong hand only and the weak and only
  • One handed reloading
  • Shooting on the move
  • Shooting from the ground
  • Very close range shooting
  • Longer range shooting
  • Vehicle defense (when driving away isn’t an option)

A variety of scenarios will also be presented to give the student a realistic perspective of the defensive use of a handgun. In addition, we will do some force-on-force training using Airsoft pistols (which will be provided) to give you some realistic experience in dealing with gun and knife wielding adversaries.

Basic shooting and gun handling skills are required to take this class.


  • Class size is usually small, generally 1- 8 people.
  • This class may be modified to meet your specific training needs and times. Modified classes may be subject to additional fees depending on the type of training and times required.
  • A night shooting option is available in locations where shooting at night is feasible.
  • We are willing to travel to your location to do this class.
Things You Need to Bring -

Ammunition: 300 – 400 rounds

Other Items:

An open mind willing to learn
Center fire handgun and holster (must be concealable…covering with a shirt is OK)
At least 2 magazines or speed loaders …more is better
Eye and ear protection
Appropriate foot wear and hat
Sun screen