Defensive Carbine

Type of Firearm Class:

Minimum Firearm Experience Recommended:

Required Prerequisite: Be very familiar with your carbine and comfortable with its use. Basic shooting and gun handling skills are required to take this class.

The Defensive Carbine class is for the individual who is interested in the defensive use of the semi-automatic carbine in a home or urban environment and wants to improve their carbine/rifle defensive shooting skills.

We will do a variety of handling and defensive drills designed to give the student a realistic perspective of the defensive use of the carbine including:

  • Malfunction drills
  • Transitioning from strong side to weak side
  • Shooting in close quarters
  • Shooting in various positions including prone and supine
  • Shooting on the move
  • Slicing the pie
  • Transitioning from carbine to handgun
  • Utilizing cover

In addition to the various shooting drills, a discussion of mindset and a review of the New Mexico law on the use of deadly force is included. By the end of the class you will be surprised and pleased with what you will be able to do at close range with a carbine.


This class may be modified to meet your specific training needs and times. Modified classes may be subject to additional fees depending on the type of training and times required.

We are willing to travel to your location to do this class.

Things You Need to Bring -

Ammunition: 350-450 rounds

Other Items:

An open mind willing to learn
Semi-automatic carbine with sling
At least 2 magazines (more is better)
Handgun with holster and 50 rounds of ammunition
Eye and ear protection
Water and snacks
Sun screen
Ground cloth to lie on