Concealed Carry Refresher

Type of Firearm Class:

Minimum Firearm Experience Recommended:

Required Prerequisite: New Mexico Concealed Carry Class

While the New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry License is valid for four years, the license holder must take a Refresher Class to re-qualify two years after their license in issued. The Refresher Class is required two years after you receive your license and requires that you re-qualify with the handguns on your license. This two hour class includes a review of basic firearms safety and the legal aspects of deadly force.

A variety of shooting drills, similar to the ones used for the basic concealed carry class, are completed prior to the re-qualification shooting.

Students who took their initial Concealed Carry Class from another instructor are welcome to take the Refresher Class offered by Riclin Firearms Training, LLC.

Contact Richard at 575.430.3040 or if you have questions, to arrange a personal firearms training, or to sign up for a class.

Things You Need to Bring -

Ammunition: rounds

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