Active Shooter/Terrorist Response

Type of Firearm Class:

Minimum Firearm Experience Recommended:

Required Prerequisite: Concealed Carry License or an equivalent amount of training.

A terrorist attack close to home underscores the potential threat we face from ‘lone wolf’ or, as we are now seeing all too often, a small number of individuals committing terrorist acts in our local communities.

This class is designed to help you develop skills to enable you to fight back and increase your chances of surviving in the event of an active shooter/terrorist response scenario. All it takes is one person who is trained and willing to respond to defeat these attackers. With such training and the proper mindset you can respond and make a difference, protecting yourself and saving an untold number of lives.

Things You Need to Bring -

Ammunition: 200 rounds

Other Items:

200 rounds of handgun ammunition, holster, extra magazines, and comfortable clothing