by C R Williams as posted on the United States Concealed Carry Association forum (used with permission)…

Something so obvious we don’t think about it. But maybe we should more often…Understand this fundamental concept:

The weapon(s) you carry—gun(s), knives, clubs, whatever—may, at any time and at any place not of your choosing, be the only thing between you and someone that is trying to kill you (or others).

The only thing. That weapon and what’s in it and on it and whatever skill and training you have with it may without warning be placed between you and a threat to your life.

Focus on this concept for a moment. Because the choices you make about the kind of gun, what kind of ammunition, what kind of knife, whether or not you will get training, what kind of training you will get, who you will choose to train you…all of that, all of those choices, will affect and determine the final effectiveness of that weapon that you interpose between you and your potential killer.

Therefore, consider your choices carefully, and choose wisely, as if your very life was behind those choices.

Because it is.

Something to think about…

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