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Unforeseen Delay

Last week I was hiking in Dry Canyon and managed to fall when a rock rolled out from under my boot. After hiking out about a mile and icing it for a couple of days I ended up in the emergency room. After x-rays, they told me I had a broken ankle (a fracture of the distal fibula). So now I have this fancy boot on my foot and orders not to put any weight on it or walk for the next 6 weeks.

So…it looks like I’m going to have to delay many of my teaching activities, including the initial concealed carry class, for 6 weeks or so. I’ll keep you posted.

If you do need a Refresher or Renewal class let me know and we’ll see what we can work out.

The Sidney Paul Gordon Shooting Range has reopened, with some restrictions, and things are going well. They have made a lot of positive changes out there. I’ve received word the local gun club (Otero Practical Shooting Association) will start holding matches again at the range, but on a limited basis. This Sunday, May 24, will be an IPSC match. The .22 match and Cowboy match will be held on their regular schedule in June. Masks may or may not be optional.

I’ve been told that fingerprinting for concealed carry initial applications has resumed at Print Plus, but by appointment only.

So…be stay out of trouble out there, and be safe!

Richard Barbaras

Sidney Paul Gordon Shooting Range Reopens!

The Shooting Range Is Open!

The Sidney Paul Gordon Shooting Range in La Luz is open! Due to the current virus, social distancing situation, etc, there are a few new rules and guidelines.

Hours (for the moment) are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Wednesday through Sunday. They are currently closed on Monday and Tuesday. You will need to stop at the classroom and sign in (and sign out when you are finished). If this is your first time back since they closed they’ll give you a quick briefing on the new rules.

They have made a number of very positive changes in the range, including stands for gongs at the 300, 200, and 50-yard ranges. The office is currently being remodeled as well.

I will resume teaching the initial concealed carry class to individual couples and small groups as soon as the state begins to process after-action reports again and fingerprints are available.

Renewal and Refresher classes will continue on request as soon as the state reopens.

Training for other firearms related classes is now available. Contact me if you have a firearms training need and we’ll get you scheduled.

Please let me know if you have any questions about all this.

Richard Barbaras

1st Quarter Change of Schedule for 2020

Taking a Break… A Small Change in Scheduling…

I will not be scheduling any regular monthly initial concealed carry classes for January, February or March 2020. This is historically a slow time of the year and I have a couple of other projects I am working on. Regular monthly classes will resume in April. However, I will continue doing Refresher and Renewal classes on request.

In the meantime, for those interested in the initial concealed carry class I’d be happy to do a private class if you and two or three or more of your friends, family or co-workers are interested. The scheduling of a private class is very flexible.

Other individual and specialty classes will continue to be available as scheduled or on request.

Thank you all for your understanding and support of this short break in the regular monthly class schedule. I look forward to offering initial concealed carry classes again in April.

Richard Barbaras

Thrive in Southern New Mexico – News from the NRA-ILA

Tara Mica

From Tara Mica of the NRA-ILA…

I hope you all are having a safe and wonderful October!  Lots to report on all over the Land of Enchantment:

Moms Demand Action Protesting Friday In Las Cruces – Counter Protest Planned

At noon this Friday, October 20, New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s national gun control group Moms Demand Action plans to protest outside of New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce’s district office in Las Cruces, located at 570 N. Telshor.  The Dona Ana Republican Party is planning a peaceful counter-protest and is asking Second Amendment supporters to show up in support of Congressman Pearce.  Please plan to arrive outside his district office at 11:45am.  If you have any questions, contact the DARP offices at 575-523-8683.  Spread the word to fellow gun owners and sportsmen in the Cruces area!

NRA-ILAQuestions Surrounding Anti-Gun ABQ Mayoral Candidate Tim Keller’s NRA Rating

During a recent ABQ mayoral runoff forum, gun control proponent Tim Keller aimed to portray himself as less-than-terrible on firearms issues by pointing to a candidate rating that NRA issued to him in 2012 when he was running for re-election to the New Mexico Senate.  Yes, it is true Keller was rated a B+ by our organization back then.  At the time, I found him to be approachable on Second Amendment issues and he supported a number of bills aimed at improving the state’s concealed carry law.  Perhaps that’s because he was being challenged at the time by former Senator Shannon Robinson, an A+ rated lawmaker who authored and passed the original concealed carry law.

If you go onto our website to find Keller’s 2012 rating, you’ll notice the following disclaimer is posted: “Candidate ratings for previous election cycles were compiled in the year of the election and may no longer accurately represent a candidate’s or elected official’s position or rating.”  You’ll recall from previous reports that Tim has embraced the Bloomberg/Everytown/Mom’s Demand Action agenda that includes a ban on temporary private firearms transfers — even between family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.  He has also hinted at local regulation and auditing of federal firearms licensed dealers. Make no mistake, Tim Keller has earned his current “F” rating with NRA — and we have endorsed the ONLY pro-gun candidate in the contest: Dan Lewis.

Roswell City Council Votes to Allow Employees to Carry Firearms on City Property

Last week, the Roswell City Council voted 9-1 to approve a resolution authored by Councilor Jason Perry that allows all city employees with handgun licenses to carry concealed on city property, including while at work.  Last month, we reported that the City of Elephant Butte had repealed a local law that prohibited the carrying of firearms on city property.  It’s refreshing to see these localities in New Mexico restoring our right to self-defense on taxpayer-owned property!

Support Alamogordo Non-Profit’s 2018 Calendar Gun Raffle

You may recall the assault launched last year by the Santa Fe-based gun control group New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence against the United Way of Otero County when the chapter was conducting a calendar gun raffle to raise money for local community projects.  If you don’t, here’s the backstory:

The Otero County organization has since parted ways with United Way Worldwide and has re-branded themselves as Thrive in Southern New Mexico.  You can read more about their mission and how to buy tickets for the 2018 raffle here:  I definitely plan to buy a ticket again – both me and my former assistant at NRAHQ won this year!  Please help support this local group, which continues to “thrive” in spite of the Santa Fe gun grabbers’ best efforts, by purchasing a ticket today.

Happy Hunting this fall and Happy Halloween!

Tara Mica

NRA-ILA State Liaison

Cell (512) 636-9314

How to Survive a Terrorist Vehicle Attack

Take a few minutes and read the full article by Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training on tips on how to survive a terrorist vehicle attack.

Vehicle Attack Survival Tips

  1. Face traffic when walking along the street.
  2. If you have a choice, walk along streets that have vehicle blockades or cars parked at the curb.
  3. Watch for danger signs.
  4. Don’t rush to help the injured.
  5. Move indoors immediately, but don’t stay there.
  6. Stay away from the attack vehicle and be alert for secondary attacks.
  7. Don’t draw your firearm while you are attempting to figure out what’s happening.
  8. Don’t loiter on unprotected sidewalks.
  9. Be able to deal with charging attackers.
  10. Know how to treat knife wounds, vehicle impacts, and blast injuries.

Think about what Greg details in his article and think also about the concepts with the Interesting Thought article. It appears that vehicle attacks may become more and more of a problem.

Lock your doors!

No Burglars - Lock Your Doors!A recent study of burglaries in a midwest town indicated that in 70% of the burglaries the homeowner had left a door unlocked. And in 79% of vehicle break-ins, the doors were not locked. I know we all lock our doors when we are not at home but apparently, someone isn’t.

Get in the habit of locking your doors when you are in the house and when you leave. And lock your vehicle doors when you are in it and when you leave. To quote Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training and the author of the article where I got this information,,,’Lock your damn doors!’

“Lock your damn doors!” ~ Greg Ellifritz, Active Response Training

S. A. F. E. and Riclin Firearms Training, LLC

Active Shooter/Terrorist Response Class

Saturday – October 29, 2016
1:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Butterfield Trail Shooting Range

Are you prepared to deal with an active shooter or a terrorist attack in your neighborhood or place of work or recreation?  Active shooters/terrorist events pose a serious threat and are happening here and now!   More are coming!

This unique skill development and scenario based class will improve your shooting and tactical skills and help to prepare you for such an event.

    Skills development includes:
shooting from cover
precise shot placement at longer ranges
use of AR15 and AK47 rifles
basic first aid trauma skills – NEW 

Scenarios, utilizing the skills you develop, will include close and long range encounters, an exciting walk at the mall, a dinner scenario, a battlefield pick up of a rifle, and a concert.  But shooting is only part of this class.  Included will be an in-depth discussion on proper mind set and trauma skills.

This is an advanced class.  Students must have concealed carry or an equivalent level of training.  Moderate physical effort required.   A center fire handgun, holster and approximately 200 rounds of ammunition will be required.  An AR15 and an AK47 and ammunition will be provided although you are welcome to bring your own.  Subway sandwich included for dinner. 

Cost of the class is $150.  $50 deposit required
Check made payable to S.A.F.E.    POB 201  Dona Ana, NM  88032

A minimum number of students required

For more information:
 contact Richard Barbaras at 575.430.3040 or or
Coralie Carrier at 575.644.1692 or

Pecos Training Group Hike…

Late Friday afternoon we met at the trail head in Dry Canyon for our first training hike as a group. There were 5 of us, most with all their gear. We hiked about 5 miles, including a very steep and rocky hill. One of our goals is to climb the hill without stopping to rest as an indication of our fitness. Gasping and panting is allowed. We did good!

Hiking this trail is a good way to test not only your fitness but your gear as well. Remember, we have to carry a rifle, handgun, ammunition and water the entire 6.5 mile course at Pecos. The ‘shake down’ hikes in Dry Canyon are very valuable.

31 Day Pecos Weight Loss Challenge Update…

After the first 10 days of our weigh loss efforts. Both Colleen and I are losing weight. After our initial weigh in last week we each decided to try to lose approximately 7% of our then current weight in 31 days. We realize that it might be a bit too much weight to feasibly lose in that period of time, but we set that as a goal anyway. So…after the first 10 days, Coleen has lost 3.23% of her body weight and I have lost 2.78% of my body weight. We are making progress!

Anyone out there decided to join us in our weight loss efforts? If so, we’d like to hear from you and hear how you are doing.

Belated Pecos Run and Gun Update…

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks as we prepare for the Pecos event. On June 29 the Otero Practical Shooting Association held a Carbine/Handgun match. Since this fit into what we will be doing at Pecos I encouraged everyone to participate in the match…and they did! They all enjoyed the match and learned a lot about competitive shooting.